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POSITION:  HOME - PCD Tools - PCD Blank SC0808GH $29
PCD Blanks for Quarrying, Rock Cutting, Mining Bits and Oil Well Drilling Bits

D- Diameter, H-Height, T-Diamond Thickness
Item No. Description Price QTY  
SC0808GH 8.20D X 8.0H X 1.5-2.0T  $29.00
SC1008GH 10.00 D X 8.0H X 1.5-2.0T  $35.00
SC1308GH 13.44D X 8.0H X 1.5-2.0T  $39.00
SC1313GH 13.44D X 13.2H X 1.5-2.0T  $45.00
SC1608GH 15.88D X 8.0H X 1.5-2.0T  $55.00
SC1613GH 15.88D X 13.2H X 1.5-2.0T  $59.00
SC1616GH 15.88D X 16.0H X 1.5-2.0T  $65.00
SC1913GH 19.05D X 13.2H X 1.5-2.5T  $79.00
SC1916GH 19.05D X 16.31H X 1.5-2.5T  $85.00
SC1919GH 19.05D X 19.0H X 1.5-2.5T  $89.00
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