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POSITION:  HOME - Electroplated Diamond Tools - 20' Diamond Band Saw for Silicon Cutting $799
Lightning™ Diamond Band Saws for the Monocrystalline Silicon and Polycrystalline Silicone cropping and slicing. The Band saws are made by the special diamond abrasives and special technology with the stainless steel, which is most suitable for the cycle movement of saws. The max depth of cutting is up to 12” and the Monocrystalline Silicon ingots can be cropped and sliced thin to 1mm of thickness. The saws can perform high speed, long duration and smooth cutting surface of wafers.

These band saws are only 0.7mm for thickness, and save up to 44% silicone comparing with 1.3mm standard band saws, that means you may save up to $1000 per ingot.
Item No. Description Price QTY  
EDBS6095 6095mm (20') X 40mm X 0.70mm  $799.00
EDBS3530 3530mm X 40mm X 0.70mm  $599.00
EDBS3440 3440mm X 40mm X 0.70mm  $499.00
EDBS3230 3230mm (10'-7") X 40mm X 0.70mm  $479.00
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